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No matter where you stay...  Rincon has beaches everywhere and for everyones needs!

We know that one of the biggest reasons you travel thousands of miles to visit the Caribbean its our beaches! Rincon is on the west coast of Puerto Rico.

Rincon is not the type of resort destination that has one long 'beach strip' lined with resort hotels, tourist shops and traffic.

Rincon's beaches are smaller, their more intimate beaches that each have their own personality and activities. Rincon's beaches consist of: tourist beaches, surfing beaches, sunning beaches and secluded beaches. What's best about Rincon's beaches is that we have them all that cover more than 8 miles and none of the beaches are private! All of the beaches in Puerto Rico are open to the public, so you can enjoy the action in front of the resorts or find a side street that provides access to less crowded beaches away from the hotels.

Although the Caribbean Beaches are great for swimming - there are no lifeguards in Rincon or Puerto Rico, so make sure to supervise children on the beach.

There are many beaches in Rincon Puerto Rico, you may want to choose a special beach that matches your own personality and needs - but you might want to explore them all... so plan to stay a few extra days if you're the type of traveler who just loves beaches!

When the surf isn't up in Rincon, this beach is almost completely empty - so if you want to have 'private beach' for a romantic stroll or complete relaxation, this may be a good choice during the 'off season'. During the summer, the beach changes character and becomes a great place to enjoy the sun, sand and a typical Caribbean day at the beach. If you want to relax, go on a weekday and you'll have the beach pretty much to yourself. On weekends this is a very popular local beach and it becomes very busy with lots of fun-loving families having picnics and turning the beach into one big party. This is especially true in July when all of Puerto Rico goes on vacation and our Public Beach is packed every day of the week!

The Caribbean Beaches of Rincon, Puerto Rico
Rincon, is home to many of the best surfing beaches in Puerto Rico, they include Pools Beach: Sandy Beach: Antonio's Beach: River Mouth: Spanish Wall Beach: Domes Beach: Indicators Beach: Maria's Beach: Steps Beach - Tres Palmas Marine Reserve: To the more calm waters: Rincon 'Baleario' - Public Beach: Corcega Beach: Barrero Beach: Almirante Beach

1. Domes Beach looking toward the Rincon Lighthouse Puerto Rico.
2. Rincon Lighthouse looking toward Domes Beach, see the Dome of the Reactor.
3. Top of road looking toward Marias Beach Rincon Puerto Rico.

Domes Beach Rincon Puerto Rico           Domes Beach Rincon Puerto Rico               Marias Surfing Beach Rincon Puerto Rico

4. Just a short walk down the beach to Little Malibu-Marias Beach Rincon PR.
5. Walking onto Steps Beach your confronted with these steps, dont know where the house went? Think thats why they named it Steps Beach. Also, Great Place to go snorkeling if you bring your mask, if not you can rent one per day or buy a cheap one and have it your whole trip. After your done with your vacation, leave it in the guesthouse that your renting, thats what some of our vacationers do.
6. Looking south at Steps Beach, Rincon Puerto Rico.
"Rincon" is home of the "BEST" waves in the Caribbean and for  that matter in "PUERTO RICO". The waves are as blue as one can imagine and crash just overhead at about 7 feet, 2 meters, with some bigger sets rolling in. And there are breaks all over the place: Maria's, Indicator, Domes, The Point,Tres Palmas, Steps, Dog Man's to name a few.

Little Malibu Marias beach Rincon Puerto Rico           Steps Beach Rincon Puerto Rico                Steps Beach Rincon Puerto Rico    

When people think of Rincon, surfing is often what comes to mind. While Rincon beaches all have great surfing - the wildest waves break where the Atlantic meets the Caribbean.

While the winter season shows off the 'wild side' of surfing in Rincon- the rest of the year our beaches calm down and become secludes hideaways for romantic strolls, snorkeling and enjoying a relaxing day at the beach. And you can't visit Rincon without seeing the most famous sunsets in Puerto Rico!

This is a great area for collecting shells and 'getting away from it all'.  One of the most recognized names in Rincon - Domes beach is named for the dome of the old nuclear plant on one of the most famous surfing beaches in the world. The dome is being converted into a Science Center and Museum - so don't worry about any rays emitted from the dome - but bring plenty of sun screen if you plan to spend a day on the beach! To get to Domes Beach, drive past the Lighthouse Park and look for the whale-shaped beach marker. This is also a great place for whale watching in winter and is almost empty in summer if you want to have a beach all to yourself!

Lighthouse Rincon Puerto Rico      lighthouse in rincon west coast puerto rico    rincon lighthouse desecheo puerto rico   Desecheo Rincon Puerto RicoYou can't visit Rincon without at least one visit to the lighthouse and well maintained park. During the winter season you can watch surfers and whales from the walk that runs along the top of the cliffs. From the Rincon's lighthouse you get great views of Domes Beach to the right and Indicators Beach to the left as you look out toward Desecheo Island. Just below the lighthouse is one of the most famous surfing breaks in Rincon - known as "Deadman's" for the nasty rocks jutting out from the cliffs which mean trouble if a wave brings you in that direction. You can see it if you look right down from the lighthouse park for the rock that looks like Christopher Columbus's head.

Desecheo Rincon Puerto Rico     Desecheo diving snorkeling Rincon Puerto Rico     Desecheo Rincon Puerto Rico  
Desecheo Island: You will see this mysterious island from almost everywhere in Rincon - but the view is especially impressive from the Rincon Lighthouse Park. Desecheo Island is a closed protected environmental reserve which can only be visited with special permission for scientific research. Located about 12 miles off the coast of Rincon, Desecheo has some of the best SCUBA diving in Puerto Rico. Even though you can't actually step foot on the island - you can get 'up close' if you visit with one of the Dive Shops which are permitted to visit dive sites off-shore. If you don't dive, check with the Dive Shops and see if they have any space for snorkelers. Desecheo Island has very clear waters that make it great for snorkelers in the shallow areas just off the coast.

No matter what time of year you visit us in Rincon Puerto Rico, the weathers always beautiful, with a average temp of 82 degrees, and water temp is pleasant for swimming all year long, It is always a great opportunity to be a tourist of Rincon! We have many that make the annual trip every year, some love it so much that they are no longer a vacationer, they are a home owner. Theres no place like Rincon.
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